Overcome complexity and plan for retirement

Pension Planning is a complex area, and because of the long term nature of the investment and the potential to make considerable gains or losses, it is essential that you receive professional independent advice. Not all independent financial advisers (IFAs) are experts in pensions so it is important that you speak to advisers who specialise in pension and retirement planning. DHM Wynchwood LLP has advisers with the specific qualifications needed to give you appropriate advice, e.g. regarding the new rules which took effect from 6th April 2015. They relate to the greater flexibility that individuals have to access their pension savings from age 55. In particular they offer significant benefits and opportunities over traditional annuities.

As well as general advice on personal pensions, company pension schemes, individual voluntary contributions and pension contribution limits, we can also advise on more specialist areas of pensions such as:

  • Self-invested Personal Pensions (SIPPS) – Traditionally thought of as being for the more experienced and confident investor, SIPPS offer access to a wider range of investment options. SIPPS are however becoming a more popular option for all kinds of investors.
  • Property Purchase – We can help people to purchase commercial property using their pension funds.
  • Group Schemes – We have over thirty years’ experience dealing with group pension schemes and have developed a simple and commonsense approach to dealing with the problems that arise for scheme members, employers and trustees.
  • Pension Transfers or Switches – In certain circumstances, there can be benefits in transferring or switching from one pension plan to another but not all financial services companies employ individuals who are qualified to give this advice.
  • Post Retirement Pension Planning – Nowadays, no one has to purchase an annuity when they retire if it is advantageous for them.

Investors who already have a personal or stakeholder pension should regularly review their arrangements. This review should take account of any change in circumstances, financial goals or aspirations and should also look at new products which have become available, in particular those which offer greater flexibility in taking benefits under the new rules.